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I have used watercolour exclusively for many years now. Occasionally I will use oil or Acrylic paint but I keep returning to this incredible medium even though it is considered by some as being a lesser way of working.  I love watercolours vibrancy, its matt quality, its ability to dry quickly and its calligraphic quality as well as the capacity to allow me to express myself clearly in the manner that suits my personality. However I don’t consider myself to be a watercolourist in the traditional sense as I work for long hours perfecting each piece using multi layers of pure colour to develop strength of tone and colour that provides me with the quality of detail not normally associated with watercolour. To fully honour my topics I employ fine detail in my work and have found this has become an increasing fascination for me. Watercolour helps me to develop that crisp, sharp quality that I enjoy using which is perfect for describing the transient nature of my subject matter.










My muse over the past 27 years has become entwined with my materials. As I have enjoyed exploring textures and surfaces with watercolour I have also grown to be fond of old doors, windows, walls and buildings, in fact anything which is transient in our environment. The fugitive nature of life, and in fact of all things, means everything is constantly in a state of flux and my paintings aim to capture those moments where the inevitability of decay means that that moment will never exist again in its current form. I have often found myself returning to a favourite subject a few years later to find the item has degenerated, been repainted, vandalised or missing altogether. It is at that point I value the importance of capturing a point in time which will no longer exist. The more aged, decrepit or falling apart my subject matter is, the more important it is to capturing those never to be repeated moments lost in time.




 Angus McEwan AWI RWS RGI RSW 2018